is an integrated model with AI-guided internal/external communication & psycholinguistic recognition system
The methodology basis of the app
Use a Distanced Self-Talk feature to kick off your journey to a better you.

We added several secret sauces to help you: Voice change, Roleplay mode, AI guide
Collective mind
Anonymously get the best advice, story, or question from millions of real people with similar problems
AI-mental coach
Our artificial intellegence possesses knowledge of thousands of best therapy and coaching practices the world has to offer and it's all yours
Got it
How Got it works?
Scientists opinion
Dr. Paul Billings - Chief of Science Advisory Board of Got it Life
20 Psychologists from Saybrook University (Pasadena, CA) talk about the Got it Life
Famous publishers about our method
Understanding the Voices in Our Heads
Why Internal Dialogue? Is it normal to talk to yourself?
How to Silence the Negative Voices in Your Head: An Illustrated Guide
Q&A with a person who does not have an internal monologue
Inner Voice: The Inner Critic is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy
What to Say When You Talk to Yourself?
How To Improve Your Inner Voice
Why Do We Talk to Ourselves?
Does Talking To Yourself Mean You're Crazy?
How to Stop Negative Self-Talk
Do You Have an Inner Voice?
Overcoming Bad Inner Voices
How to Deal with Negative Self-Talk
Jack Canfield
How Do I Stop Negative Self-talk?
Laurie Santos
About Inner Speech
Noam Chomsky
The Story of Self-Talk
Shad Helmstetter
The Science of the Voices in Your Head
Charles Fernyhough
Jordan Peterson
Is My Inner Voice Healthy?
Ethan Kross
What to do if your inner voice is cruel
Russell T. Hurlburt
Internal Monologue Research
Science articles
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