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A self-care app that utilizes AI technology to enhance psychological resilience
Harness your inner strength to overcome anxiety, depression, and lack of productivity
We are in the top 3% of 6,800+ Graduates across six continents of the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator
Start your Internal Dialog acting as your Own Mental Coach with AI-guide
Ask one question that concerns you the most right now
Listen to your internal dialogue as an observer, as if you're overhearing a conversation between strangers.
Gain healing Insights & "Aha!" moments, along with steps to implement them into your real life.
Thousands of users overcome life and work challenges every day through the simple steps:
Our science-based integrated model with AI-guided communication & psycholinguistic recognition system drastically improves your Health, Happiness & Productivity
All the answers are in your mind. You just need a tool to find them
Talk to:
Begin your journey to self-improvement with our Distanced Self-Talk feature. We've enhanced it with Voice change, Role play mode, and an AI guide to assist you
AI-mental coach
Our artificial intelligence possesses knowledge of thousands of the best therapy and coaching practices the world has to offer, and it's all yours
Collective mind
Check what's trending and what questions people have when they face similar problems. It's completely confidential and highly effective
Testimonials from the leaders of Sports, Business & Science
Our racing team utilized Got it to prep our drivers this past weekend for the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. Thank you for helping us perform a tour best!
Pro Racing Team
Kyle Raineri
Founder of Healint (3M patients Healthcare platform)
Francois Codiou
I tested the latest version of the app, and this is exciting!!! Over the years I have seen so many mental health apps & methods and seeing something BOTH new and effective is really great!
What a great concept… I love it. Would love to be resource or figure out a way to collaborate
Dr. Jessica Kordansky
Innovation Psychologist
Medical Psychologist
Dr. John F. Drozd
My first impression is very positive. You clearly based your technology on positive neuroscience and effective clinical interventions. Well done! I am interested in exploring ways to integrate the app into clinical practice and public health initiatives
I like it! It reminds me of David Burns's technique. He calls it the Future Self technique: "Now we are going to enter a fantasy land where you are your future self who has already overcome this problem". Exciting stuff you are doing!
Dr. Brac Selph
Clinical Psychologist
Jordan Wolfsohn
I think it would be really helpful, I'm really interested in driving performance and personal wellness so I think from my clinical perspective, it could be a great tool
Our promise
Watch yourself grow
Keep track of how far you've come, celebrate your wins, set new goals and save your insights
Get outside the box
Distance yourself & problems by changing your voice, role, and perspective. Hear your thoughts from a new viewpoint, promoting rational problem-solving
Develop natural human mental resilience
Connecting with yourself can help you connect with others. Start using your alone time productively, and stop suffering from it. Train your self-coaching skills, including introspection, rationalization, and self-questioning
Find yourself in a safe space
Many mental health apps risk your privacy by tracking and selling data. Unlike them, Got It is an independent company, that values user trust and ensures privacy
Find personalized solution
Use the app to navigate challenging situations through leading mental health strategies and techniques from world-renowned experts and individuals who share similar life experiences
World & European Champions, Pro athletes, UC Berkeley student-athletes
John Steuart
Experienced Silicon Valley VC, 1st investor of Natera ($6B val.)
20 Psychologists from Saybrook University (Pasadena, CA)
Dr. Paul Billings
Phil Louridas‎
Ex-SVP at Labcorp (IPO) & Natera ($6B val). CEO of Biological Dynamics
Senior Vice President, People Strategy & Systems at TheRealReal (IPO)
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We are in the top 3% of 6,800+ Graduates across six continents of the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator