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What people get from Internal Dialog?
based on user's insights after session
Look straight in the eye
This App forced me to look fear straight in the eye..... at some point you think the fear will devour you, but as a result, it recedes
I don't want to solve my problems, because they give me justifies for doing nothing
Solve problems
"All answers are really in my head... now I can control my self-talk & thoughts with it"
Find all answers in my head
Become your own Savior
I always pay the price of becoming dependent on my Savior. Only one way to become independent is to become your own Savior
Get to know general question
"I have confessed that the original question that got me started using the app was not what I should be asking"
Distance from oneself
"Voice changing helps tremendously to distance from oneself. I didn't like the man which I saw.. but it's just the first step"
  • Brac Selph, PsyD
    Clinical Psychologist
    I like it. It reminds me of David Burns technique - he calls it the Future self technique. He sets it up a little differently. He says
    "What would your future self say to you about this problem?"

    Exciting stuff you are doing!

  • John F. Drozd, Ph.D., ABMP
    I watched the YouTube video and my first impression is very positive. You clearly based your technology on positive neuroscience and effective clinical interventions. Well done!

    I am interested in learning more and exploring ways to integrate the app into clinical practice and public health initiatives.
  • Francois Cadiou
    Founder of 3M users Healthcare platform
    Over the years, I have seen so many Mental-Health apps and methods, and seeing something BOTH new and potentially effective is really great.
    I will have grown the team here (we are facing massive demand too, like you I suppose, and expanded in more conditions requiring this kind of support to manage anxiety and over-thinking.
    I really believe you are on to something!
Armen Arustamov
Founder & CEO
Psychologist, Co-founder of Sports Academy (Orlando, FL), Ex-Tennis Pro
Artem Boykov
12 years of app dev. experience for different platforms. Expert in AI/ML for mobile platforms. Works with cloud platforms like AWS, Google
Co-Founder, CTO, Android developer, AI team leader
Dmitry Kusher
4 years iOS engineer of fintech products and products for flight attendants
IOS Developer
Albert Khafizov
5 years of IOS development experience. Author, Opinion leader
IOS Developer, Team Leader
Ilnur Khafizov
App's testing in educational projects (Yandex). Mental Health advocate. Ex-Volleyball Pro
QA Engineer
Nikita Utrobin
Lead UI/UX Designer
4 years of UX/UI Design experience. Engineering & behavioral psychology enthusiast
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